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For Southeast Alaska

Winter 2022

THE LARGEST COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE SALE IN THE HISTORY OF JUNEAU IS COMPLETED IN DECEMBER.   The acquisition of over 92,000 square feet of office space in two buildings was closed in early December.  The buildings,...
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Winter 2021

THE OUTLOOK FOR THE REGIONAL ECONOMY IN  2016 WAS  “FLAT TO DECLINING”…AND NOW?? For years, in-state economists have charted the almost meteoric rise of population and the economic sectors of Anchorage and the Mat-Su valley,...
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June 2021

MILL RATE SEES REDUCTION BY THE ASSEMBLY. The Juneau assembly made the decision recently to reduce the mill rate.  Following a rain of public criticism of the CBJ’s decision to raise commercial assessments recently, the...
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Spring 2021

ROCK BOTTOM COMMERCIAL RATES MOTIVATE SMART BUILDING OWNERS.  AIDEA, Alaska’s leading subsidized lender is now offering commercial rates that have fallen below 4%–almost mirroring the 2020 precipitous fall in residential mortgage rates.  The program, which...
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February – March 2021

GOVERNOR DUNLEAVY’S FY2022 BUDGET CALLS FOR THREE MAIN ELEMENTS TO BE IMPLEMENTED The FY2022 budget created in December is making its way through the 2021 legislative session.  It calls for stabilizing Alaska’s economy, passing an...
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November 2020

LEASE SURVEY REVEALS WEAKNESS IN DEMAND FOR JUNEAU OFFICE SPACE.  The owner of a major office building in Juneau tasked a Seattle based appraiser this October with completing a survey of leasing activity as observed...
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August 2020

LENDERS AND BUILDING OWNERS USE APPRAISERS TO ESTABLISH THE VALUES FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.  Lenders and building owners typically rely on Commercial appraisers to set a value on buildings of all types.  This is to give...
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Summer 2020

INTERSECTION AT THE BRIDGE IS SOUTHEAST ALASKA’S BUSIEST.  The second phase of work is underway on the Egan Expressway at the intersection of 12th Avenue and the Egan.  Implemented with State funds, the project completes...
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April 2020

Alaskans are doing their best to navigate the uncertainties of weaknesses in the state economy, and the potential impacts of the Covid 19 virus which are arriving simultaneously on our doorsteps.  An unfortunate double whammy...
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Spring 2020

FILLING THE BUDGET GAP AT THE STATE—ITS GENERATING MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS.  Lawmakers are now in their second month of dealing with the Budget gap of $1.5 Billion dollars.  Governor Dunleavy has proposed a state-sponsored...
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